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Our Services

Undercover/Surveillance Investigations

When suspicion lingers and critical questions remain unanswered, Probequest Consult is your ideal partner in uncovering the truth. Through our undercover and surveillance investigations, we help individuals and businesses discover covert activities and information that might not be accessible otherwise.

Our team of experienced investigators operates with the highest level of discretion and uses advanced techniques to ensure our surveillance is thorough yet unobtrusive. Whether your concerns involve potential infidelity, corporate fraud, or any suspicious activity, we stand ready to shine a light on the shadows.

Indicators of suspicious behaviour that may necessitate undercover/surveillance investigations can include:

  • Unusual Behavior: Abrupt changes in a person’s routine, habits, or attitudes may indicate underlying deceit.
  • Secrecy and Privacy: Excessive privacy, especially involving phone calls, emails, and social
    media, may be a sign of concealed activities.
  • Frequent Absences: Regular, unexplained absences from work or home might suggest illicit behaviour.
  • Financial Anomalies: Sudden, unexplained changes in financial status, such as secret accounts, can be a sign of fraud or other hidden activities.
  • Dishonesty and Inconsistencies: If a person is frequently dishonest or their stories often don’t align, they may be concealing something significant.

However, these indicators are not concrete proof of wrongdoing, but they can serve as a foundation for initiating an investigation. We can provide you with clear, actionable intelligence, enabling you to make informed decisions with certainty and peace of mind.

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