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Our Services

Our Services


Brand Protection and Anti-Counterfeit Investigations

We offer comprehensive solutions to protect your brand’s integrity, targeting counterfeit operations and implementing proactive measures to safeguard against future infringements.


Domestic/Infidelity Investigations

Our expert team can discreetly conduct infidelity investigations, providing evidence for personal or legal purposes, always ensuring the utmost respect for our clients’ confidentiality and emotions.


Undercover/Surveillance Investigations

Probequest Consult employs advanced surveillance techniques and cutting-edge technology for a range of cases, from corporate fraud to personal matters, delivering reliable results while maintaining a low profile.


Corporate Investigations

Our corporate services involve detailed inquiries into potential fraud, embezzlement, or other unethical behaviours within an organization, aiming to protect your business from internal threats.


Background/Due Diligence Investigations

We conduct thorough background checks and due diligence investigations, providing valuable insights for business deals, potential partnerships, or employee hiring processes.


Close Protection Services

We offer professional close protection services, ensuring the safety and security of individuals who may be exposed to elevated personal risk due to their employment, celebrity status, or wealth.

What You Gain

With Probequest Consult, you gain:

  • A team of brand protection investigators with unique insight into the African market.‌
  • Collaborative relationships and open communication with Law Enforcement Agencies.
  • A wide range of investigative competencies including case management, undercover operatives, and specialized surveillance operatives.
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