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Our Services

Brand Protection and Anti-Counterfeit Investigations

Counterfeit products don’t just gnaw at your revenues; they jeopardize your future sales, market share, and customer confidence in your brand. When it comes to health products and consumables, these knock-offs can pose a deadly health risk, threatening the lives of innocent consumers.

Signs that your brand may be at risk include:

  • Suspected Counterfeit Products: If you come across products resembling yours sold at significantly lower prices or through unauthorized channels, it could indicate counterfeiting activity.
  • Unauthorized Use of Intellectual Property: If your logos, trademarks, or copyrighted material appear in places without your permission, your brand may be at risk.
  • Negative Customer Reviews: Customers complaining about poor product quality under your brand could indicate counterfeit goods in the market.
  • Sudden Drop in Sales: An unexpected drop in sales can be a sign of counterfeit products diverting your customers.
  • Online Misrepresentation: Unauthorized or misleading online listings of your products can harm your brand’s reputation and customer trust.

We offer robust solutions tailored to dismantle these illegal operations that exploit your brand’s reputation to mislead consumers with inferior, potentially harmful substitutes.

We don’t just identify counterfeiting issues; we walk with you from suspicion to prosecution. Our meticulously crafted investigation plans, combined with collaborative efforts with relevant law enforcement agencies, are designed to significantly reduce the presence of counterfeit products that are tarnishing your brand.

Our seasoned investigators and brand protection officers utilize their deep knowledge of the African market to gather actionable intelligence, identify counterfeit products, and facilitate legally sanctioned enforcement actions. We then assist with prosecution processes, ensuring these infringements don’t go unchecked.

With Probequest Consult, you gain:

  • A team of brand protection investigators with unique insight into the African market.
  • Collaborative relationships and open communication with Law Enforcement Agencies.
  • A wide range of investigative competencies including case management, undercover
    operatives, and specialized surveillance operatives.

Our anti-counterfeit operation flow is meticulously designed for effectiveness:

  1. Conduct Market Surveys and Identify Targets.

  2. Purchase of Evidentiary Samples.

  3. Deploy Tailored Investigative Techniques to determine supply chains, warehousing, MOs, etc.

  4. Lodge Complaints with Relevant LEAs for Search Warrants and Seizures.

  5. Support LEAs during Enforcement Actions.

  6. Facilitate Seizure and Storage of Counterfeit Products.

  7. Assist LEAs in Suspect Arrests.

  8. Coordinate Trials in a Court of Law.

  9. Oversee the Destruction of Counterfeit Products and Ensure Proper Prosecution.
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